Architecture Film Festival

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam in Groningen is a festival weekend filled with the most beautiful films and documentaries on architecture, urban development, land and city in Forum Images. 

Groninger Forum presents films from the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) 2015Film is one of the most accessible media for addressing complex urban design and architectural subjects. By programming films in a particular context and complementing them with debates involving filmmakers, architects, philosophers and urban designers, the festival appeals to a wide, international audience. All films within this programme are either in English or shown with English subtitles. 

This year there's again a lot to see! Some films are about the life and work of architects -Where architects liveAmancio WilliamsFrederick Law Olmsted and Concrete Love- while others zoom in on extreme town planning such as The Chinese Mayor or You’ve been trumped

Tickets are € 6,50 per film, however, you can also buy a passe-partout for all nine films for only 
€ 36,00. The passe-partout can not be bought online but only at the Groninger Forum ticket desk.

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