Bommen Berend

Right before the start of the academic year, the liberation of Groningen is celebrated. The day begins with first year students who wake up the citizens of Groningen through singing. After that, there’s an extensive program: the traditional horse inspection, a summer fair, a poets festival, making chocolate boms, a dragon boat race, a model car race and so much more. At 15.00 a concert starts at the Vismarkt with lots of very Dutch artists, such as Frans Bauer, Renee Froger and Monique Smit. In case you’re not very fond of that kind of music, you can go to the NNO-concert at the Ossenmarkt. The comical duo Igudesman and Joo will perform there. They travel around the world with their hilarious theatre shows. With a combination of classical music, pop music and humour they manage to let a smile appear on everyones face!

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