CD Release Party of GM-Insiders

The student association of the Groninger Museum, the GM-insiders, proudly present on October 23rd their CD which they have put together: ‘GM-INSIDERS PRESENT / Sounds of the Groninger Museum’.

The Insiders invited twelve bands and singer-songwriters to come and have a look in the Groninger Museum and to write a song inspired by a piece of art from the exhibition called ‘The Collection’, where you can see a cross-section of the diverse permanent exhibition of the museum.

Five of the participating bands and singer-songwriters will give a performance on the release party, divided over two locations:  I Took Your NameKINGoudbladThe Rising Sun and Swinder. The night starts in the Groninger Museum with three performances and a guided tour and will continue with to more performances in the Synagogue Groningen.


Part 1: Location Groninger Museum / 19.30 – 22.00

19.30 Doors open

20.00 Opening / Goudblad

20.30 I Took Your Name / Guided tour (first group)

21.00 I Took Your Name / Guided tour (second group)

21.30 KIN


Part 2: Location Synagogue Groningen / 22.00 – 00,30

22.00 Doors open

22.15 Swinder

23.00 BREAK

23.30 The Rising Sun – 00.15



Ticket booth Museum open: 19.30 – 20.30

Ticket booth Synagogue open: 22.00 – 22.30

Tickets cost 7,50 at the door, two for the price of one in the pre-sale on the website

// During the release you can buy the cd for only five euros instead of the usual 9,90!

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