Global Warming

Dancers from all around the globe, unite! Vera and ESN present: Global Warming!

Global Warming takes you on a trip around the globe across different countries and cultures. Per country you can dance until you have to wipe the sweat of your forehead. But be quick, every 10 to 15 minutes we change the country! Mainstream meets underground, from Mali to Italy! Combined with cool and recognizable visuals from the VJ: that’s Global Warming!

Global Warming is the most international party you’ll ever visit. The DJ/VJ-team goes much further than just the usual suspects, so don’t be afraid you’ll only hear evergreens like ’99 Luftballons’ or Rammstein, also expect songs from Kraftwerk or Die Toten Hosen. Keep in mind that this is only an example, which countries will be played on every Global Warming-edition is a surprise. The big country-wheel will decide the next country to be played! We love the ‘wow, is this band from THAT country?’-effect. Always good for a first impression on the nice girl or hot dude you have already seen dancing on the floor."

Global Warming will break the ice for you, on and off the dance floor. See you there!

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