Human Library

The Human Library is back! As last year, our event will be hosted by the Public Library (de Bibliotheek) located in Oude Boteringestraat. The event will take place on the 22nd from 12-18 and on the 23rd of May from 11-16 o'clock. This free of charge event, organized by a group of students in Groningen wanting to challenge prejudice, is open for everyone with an open mind. Just drop by whenever you want and see which 'human books' are available for readings!
Still wondering what the Human Library is? Well, imagine going into a library and taking out a book you’d like to read. Pretty standard, right? But now imagine, instead of reading it, you can have a conversation with it. The Human Library consists of human books and readers: real people. Each of these ‘books’ belong to a group of society or minority of people that is distinct from the mainstream because of their sexual preference, ethnicity, religion or any other differentiating feature. These ‘books’ are segregated or are targets of prejudice and stereotyping. Readers, meaning YOU, are given the chance to take out a ‘book on loan’ which they are curious about or have a prejudice against, and listen to what they have to say.
In a society filled with prejudice and intolerance towards various groups, the Human Library attempts to bridge the gap and allow for dialogue and comprehension to take over. Through this informal and laid-back way of bringing people together, the Human Library also allows for those who may have experienced segregation and prejudice to have the chance to talk to people they may feel identified with.

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