The KEI-week is the introduction week of Groningen. Not only first-years are welcome to participate, but also transfer students, international students or students who are starting their master in Groningen. And most people do! 

All KEI-participants are distributed over KEI-groups, so every group contains about 15 people. There are Dutch groups, international groups and mixed groups. You will meet your group on monday in the KEI-week, when you go to your KEI-leaders. They will cook for the entire group and take you to the grand opening.

Nothing is obligatory during KEI-week, but the program is awesome: open air festival, pub crawl, karaoke on the Grote Markt, open air cinema on the Vismarkt, stand-up comedy, Eat and Greet, a party in Martini Plaza and much more!

The great thing about KEI-groups is that it’s a very easy way to make friends. Many people stay in touch for a long time and some KEI-groups still see each other after months or years! So there’s no better way to start your studentlife in Groningen. 

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