Kings night / day

On Kingsday we celebrate the King's birthday. It's a national holiday on which the King goes out to visit a town with his entire family. You could watch this on the tv, but you can also go out since there's so much to do in Groningen!

Kingsday starts the night before, during Kings night. You can visit many musical performances such as DJ oortje, live piano music, a Coldplay cover band (Goldplay) and many singer songwriters.

On Kingsday you can visit the flea market, watch the parade, play traditional Dutch games and listen to even more music! There's a huge list of musical performances on that day such as Niels Geuzebroek, VanderLinde, Mooi Wark en Sven Hammond. GroningenLife will post an article with the entire program and a nice map soon! 

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