MultiCulinair Food Festival

The month of May brings beautiful weather, a soccer trophy and national holidays! That means you'll have plenty of time to visit a couple of events in Groningen. During the 'Pinksterweeekend' you can visit the MultiCulinair Food Festival.

The Bernoulliplein will be filled with food trucks in which street chefs are working on your meal. They cook dishes from all over the world: Suriname, Germany, India, Korea... it's all there. Click here if you want to see the full list of food trucks. Examples are the Bax Beer (brewed by Groninger students), Hawaiian shave ice (shaved ice in many flavors), Tasty Buns (Asian steamed buns) and the 'Visafslag' (real Dutch fish). There will not only be delicious food present, but also great music! Several DJ's are performing to create that summer vibe. 

Important: entrance is FREE

Where: Bernoulliplein Groningen

When: May 23rd and 24th

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