On May 5th, freedom in The Netherland is celebrated. We celebrate that in 1945 we were liberated from German occupation in Europe and the Japanese occupation in Asia and since then we in the Kingdom of the Netherlands are free from war and oppression. May 5th is a day to reflect on the importance of freedom and to realize that freedom is fragile. For freedom in the Netherlands, many have fought and even sacraficed their lives.

The end of the Second World War has not meant an end to war in the world. Everyday people suffer from armed conflicts and the violation of human rights. In many places in the world, people fight for their daily existence. May 5 is therefore a day on which we reflect on freedom elsewhere in the world.

On May 5th, freedom in The Netherlands is celebrated at fourteen liberation festivals spread throughout the country. In Groningen the "Bevrijdingsfestival", takes place in the Stadspark in Groningen and is free accessible for everyone. Here you can find music, art, theater and plenty of food and drinks. In addition, attention is given to the theme: "Freedom is something you pass on" with the help of discussions and activities co-organized by organizations such as Amnesty International and Stichting Vluchteling.

The festival starts at 12.00 am and lasts until midnight.

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