Once again the Cultural Student Centre Usva and the Green Office Groningen join forces to organise the third edition of the O-Swap clothing exchange. The O-Swap takes place on December 11th at 17:00 in the Usva building at Munnekeholm 10.

The initiative of the O-Swap clothing exchange origins the idea of the Usva and the Green Office to give students the opportunity to think about how to live a more sustainable life. Swapping clothes is a sustainable and cheap alternative for buying new clothes. Everyone can hand in their clothes from 2 – 9 December for a ticket and you can come in on December 11 to swap it for new clothes. That way you can give the clothes you don’t wear anymore a new life. Your closet won’t burst, since you get one new item for every old item you hand in.

This year the event is also organised by the Red Cross, so all the useful winter clothes that stay behind will be given to the refugees. It’s also possible to donate clothing directly to the Red Cross at the same collecting points. What’s left over will be collected and donated to the Salvation Army.

Next to a clothing swap, there will be sustainable snacks and drinks, taken care of by the DuCie, the sustainability committee of the Faculty of the Faculty and Religious Studies at the Rijksuniversity Groningen.

Do you want to participate? Hand in a maximum of ten clothing items in the period of 2 – 9 December at the Usva building on Munnikeholm 10 or at one of the other collection points. You will get one ticket for each clothing piece. With these tickets you can ‘buy’ Usva clothes on December 11th. For more information, visit the Facebook Page.

GroningenLife! visited O-Swap last year and made this aftermovie

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