Open Air Cinema Zienemaan

Zienemaan organises several open air cinema nights this year on the most beautiful places in Groningen! This one takes place on the roof of the VVV-building on the Grote Markt. The movie 'Heli' will be shown there. It's a mexican love story between a young girl and a police man, both of them had connections with drugs but in opposite ways. This will create a conflict that love will try to overcome.

Before the film, you can already go to the VVV-building for a drink at the bar and there will be a DJ performing there as well. Check out the website for the other movie nights, as the tickets get sold out pretty quickly! You can buy your tickets online or at the Groninger Forum Desk at Hereplein. 

VVV-building Grote Markt

22.30 - 0:15


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