The 4 Miles

It is one of the biggest running events of the country: the 4 Miles of Groningen. The 4 Miles traditionally takes place on the second Sunday of Oktober, which is the 12th this year.

During the 4 Miles, about 20.000 athletes run from the Hortus in Haren to the Vismarkt in Groningen, which is a distance of 6437 meters, in other words: 4 miles. The professional athletes are the first to leave. Afterwards, all the other participants start running.

People who are not running, are standing on the side, cheering on the participants. Also, there are many bands and mini-orchestra’s to help the runners as much as possible.

The 4 Mile starts at 13.30 in Haren. Unfortunately you cannot participate anymore, but cheering is always allowed!

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