World Press Photo exhibition

From November 20th until December 12th 2015 the World Press Photo 15 exhibition is taking place in Der Aa-Kerk in Groningen.

The exhibition consists of photos from 41 price winners from seventeen countries in eight different categories, such as Daily Life, Nature, Portraits and Sports. The Danish photographer Mads Nissen is the annual winner of this international press photo competition with an intimate portrait of a male Russian couple.

The theme, which the World Press Photo Groningen (WFPG) Association has linked to the exhibition, is: The media, that’s you. With social media citizens have the ability to organise themselves, give their opinion and to make or follow the world news. Not only spoken and written information travels the world with high speed, but also the current images are open to everyone at any moment. What effect does this have on press photography and the image that people get of the news? During the exhibition period there will be many lectures on this topic.

Apart from lectures, many photo competitions are organised among which is the photo marathon and an online photo competition.

A ticket costs only 5 euros for students. Check the opening hours here

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