Inspired by the motto ‘KUNST IS OVERAL’ (art is everywhere) talented artists celebrate the work of Werkman. H.N. Werkman was a world famous artist from Groningen who was specialised in printed art. The Werkman Foundation organises several activities throughout the year to honour this artist. One of these activities is the festival Werkmanparade.

On ordinary places such as shops, cafes and restaurants, new work is created on October 25th, inspired by Werkman. Through the art route the shopping audience can enjoy the results for a week!

There will be many different dance and music performances, theatre shows and lectures through town. In the Groninger Museum you can visit the exhibition containing the works of Werkman until November 1st.

All these activities show that the artist still inspires. Not only visual artists, but also actors, dancers, poets, conservers, art lovers, new lovers, designers, musicians, youth and students.

source: http://www.werkman2015.nl
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