Social networks, not so bad after all!

Social networks, not so bad after all!

04 October 2015 by Joyce Pepe
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Discover why being up to date in Groningen is not a bad thing.

Has someone ever told you how bad social networks are? Either your parents, your grandma who has no understanding of how facebook works or even your teachers? Well, I have had to hear that quite often actually, when I was in school we even had a lecture on the extent of the dangers that these portals can cause. I must say though that in the past few weeks I have spent here in Groningen so many events have come to my attention through Facebook that I start to wonder  how bad social media are for us, In fact not one but more people have thanked me for having given them the opportunity to see and experience things they wouldn't have been able to see if I hadn't told them. Here we come to advice number 1: when you're sitting like a couch potato on your bed and realize that your student life isn't as productive during the weekends as it is during the week just open Facebook, Twitter because there is plenty of stuff to do! For real, till now I have not spent one weekend without going out, and by that I don't mean going clubbing, I mean going to live the city! 
Luckily for me my friends were as enthusiastic as me and what is probably even more lucky is that all these events regarded food! 

The second week of University on a rainy sunday we decided to go to the 'Big taste festival' which took place in front of the academy building. The location was great and when you have the right people around you this makes it even better. The event was all about food, different trucks were placed all in front of the building and offered different types of food, we personally had so much fun looking at all these trucks that before we could make a decision on which food truck we would have picked we walked in a circle for at least 5 times. Eventually we had to make a decision, it was very hard, but I personally went with South African (where else could I have eaten South African?) and loved it. Not to make you jealous but it was lamb's meat with vegetables in a cup cut out of bread, just delicious. 

Then the saturday there after, again thanks to social media, I discovered that it was 'Open museum day', which means that you could visit all the museums in Groningen for free. Of course I immediately thought of going on the 'Martini Toren', I mean it is something you have to do sooner or later during your experience in the city, it seemed like the right thing to do on a saturday afternoon. After having made a couple of calls I told my friends to meet me in front of the tower to start our 97 meters climb. Yes it was though but completely worth the view once you reach the very top. It was not as pleasant when the bells started ringing, it was indeed very loud.              After having put a 'check' mark on the tower I felt like I was already a step closer to become a real Groningen citizen (in fact a couple of days later I got my BSN number, I don't think it's a coincidence).

Another weekend my keiweek (I'll talk more about it in another post) friends and I went to another food truck festival in Groningen, that's where you get the Spanish Churros on the picture from, and enjoyed what felt like the very first afternoon of the fall. It was beautiful! Last sunday there was a vintage market at the Grote markt and we went to that as well. People were rushing in from everywhere to get their hands on clothes which if it wasn't for fashion would now belong to the garbage bag. 

As I have tried to show you, social networks really can give you so many ideas on how to spend your weekends. If it wasn't for Facebook I would have still gone out probably but not gotten the chance to experience these amazing events and opportunities. I hope that you will make use of this advice and just like me get to know so many people during these days out, I have made some amazing new friends these past weekends!



And again, Food!