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22 October 2014 by MIC
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On Thursday October the 16th, it was the day of our second integration activity. After long meetings we decided to organize a beer tasting event, combined with some typical Dutch games. As (international) students, we know how to drink so what’s better than tasting some very good Dutch beers? As an extra part we prepared some Dutch games, to integrate the internationals with the Dutch and to make the internationals familiar with some typical Dutch games. 

Some research information…

A Dutch research to beer consumption in The Netherlands shows that 41% of the people who drink beer, drink zero till three glasses a week. 27% drink four till seven glasses a week and 29% drink ten glasses or more per week.

The most favorite beers among Dutch people are (chronologically aligned): pils, white beer, Bockbeer, rosé beer and others.

As you probably already thought, the alcohol consumption among Dutch students is different than among the ‘normal’ Dutch people. There is also a difference between students and other people (non-students) from the same age.

Students in The Netherlands drink, on average, sixteen glasses of alcohol per week (men twenty glasses and women eight glasses). Young people of the same age who aren’t a student drink, on average, ten glasses a week (men thirteen and women seven).

The event

Around 19:30h the international and Dutch students arrived at Het Heerenhuis, the pub where the event took place. More or less at eight o’clock it was time to start with the first beer: La Trappe white trappist. This white trappist beer is made in an abbey in the southern part of The Netherlands. The alcohol permillage is 5,5%. The second beer was Natte van ‘t ij. This beer is made in Amsterdam. It’s a ‘double’ beer, brewed with slightly bitter hops and caramel malt. It has an alcohol permillage of 6,5%. The third beer was Jopen trinitas tripel.This beer is a high fermentation beer. It is made in a brewery in the city of Haarlem. It’s a ‘blond’ beer, type ‘tripel’ with an alcohol permillage of 9%.

For the fourth beer we had the Baxbier citrus pale ale. This beer is a beer from a new brewery in Groningen. It has an alcohol permillage of 5% and it’s only on the market since April 2014! The last beer we tried was Texels Stormbock. This beer is made at one of the Dutch islands, namely Texel. It has a powerful taste and a dark red colour by the roasted malt. The alcohol permillage is 9,5%.

As said before, inbetween the beer tasting it was time to play some typical Dutch games. We played two games: koekhappen and sjoelen. ‘Koekhappen’ is a traditional Dutch game that the Dutch like to play at children’s birthday-parties. Ontbijtkoek (a special kind of cake) is tied to a rope. The participants have to try to bite off the cake from the rope. The participants have to do this blindfolded. ‘Sjoelen’ is a Dutch family game. The participants have to try to slide the wooden disks into the slots. The disks get the number of points of the box where they are landed (2-3-4-1).

Thank you!

Also via this blog we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our second integration activity! We had a great evening and we hope you had a splendid evening as well.

Our third integration activity will be at the end of November. Stay tuned and check our Facebookpage



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