28 May 2013 by MIC
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It’s been a few weeks since you have heard from us, but no worries, here we are again! With a lot of new experiences for both the international students as well as for us.
What did we do? Well first of all, we had a great party for all the international students and their friends and all the Dutch students and their friends. You can imagine it was full house in one of the biggest clubs in Groningen (Kokomo). We all had a great night and celebrated around the theme ‘under the sea’.

Then, there was of course another integration activity. As we all share the idea that all internationals should experience the real Dutch way of life, we thought it would be a good idea to go to the Hooghoudt distillery and eat some pancakes!

And so we did. In a very Dutch kind of weather (stormy, with a little bit of sun) we hopped on our bicycles and went to the distillery. This is a really amazing factory owned by the family Hooghoudt from 1888 on. We got a tour inside and they had a special movie with the history of the genever they brew. Ok, so far so good, but the best part is yet to come: we got to taste all the alcoholic liquors of this famous brewery! So everybody tried the nice drinks and glasses where empty in less than a second.

After this, we really deserved some food! When you’re in The Netherlands, you must eat pancakes at least once. Therefore, we went to the Pannenkoekenschip (pancakeship). Yes, that’s correct; we ate our pancakes on a boat in the Groningse canals. They were delicious and we could eat as much as we wanted! Everybody enjoyed the Dutch eating and drinking night and we had a nice time together. We’re already looking forward to the next activity!

As you might have heard already, we also had a very special celebration in Holland on the 30th of April: our Queen abdicated and now we have a new King! So except for the ESN activities, we were very busy with our national holidays. Because not only the 30th of April was a very special day, also the 5th of May is a holiday in Holland. At that day we celebrate our freedom. Anyhow, enough parties the last few weeks for us! So now it’s time to go back to the real world for a few weeks and sadly that also includes studying. But after rain comes sunshine! ESN organizes plenty of activities in May and of course we organize another integration activity. So we’ll keep you updated!

Love from Groningen,
The Mentor and Integration Committee