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06 March 2013 by MIC
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Hi everyone!

Now that the introduction time has ended, after six days of activities, culture, sports, and of course big parties, you may think that all the fun is over. Well, it’s not! February was again a very nice and active month. To stimulate the integration between the international students and their mentors, we organized a special Mentor&International-Night at the Drie Gezusters with a pub quiz and some drinks. Questions were hard, but students are smart, so most teams did a pretty good job. Afterwards, ESN organized a Beer Pong competition upstairs in the Drie Gezusters as well, which is always a guarantee for fun.

Our next activity was a visit to the Nederlands Studenten Orkest (an orchestra consisting of Dutch students) on the 17th of February. We gathered with all participants at the ESN-office from where we went by bike (it’s Holland) to the Oosterpoort where the concert took place. Both people who like classical music and those who like it a bit less had a great night: the music was performed amazingly and the whole atmosphere around the concert was nice. As a bonus, we all went to the afterparty, where we had some drinks together.

Another big event was our speed dating activity on the 27th of February. Just two weeks after Valentine’s Day, but we can tell you, there was still a lot of love in the air! With Cantina Mexicana, located at the Vismarkt, we chose a romantic restaurant as the setting of this event. To make it even more romantic, there were red balloons, fountains of chocolate, roses, poems, candy hearts and a lot more. The complete MIC was dressed up, we had some angles, a Love Docter and last but not least two Cupids, who made sure that everybody could send and receive some love letters. During the first round, everybody was blindfolded, so people literally had a blind date. After these blind dates we had some rounds of normal speed dating. During the breaks everyone could send a poem to someone and have a drink together. In the end, three ideal couples were selected who played a final round. The winners got themselves two tickets for the cinema. All in all, it was a great night. Fun was the main aim of the evening, and we’re 100% sure that it was fun. And whether some people really found their true love, well, you never know…

About March: we’re not certain yet about what we will organize, but we have a lot of great and crazy ideas, so you can be sure to read in our next blog about a successful event again ?

Xxxxx the MIC