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15 February 2013 by MIC
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Hi everyone!


Last month has been a busy and fun month for us, mainly because the second semester started. Therefore, we needed to arrange a mentor for the new internationals arriving in Groningen. Luckily, a lot of Dutch students signed up to become a mentor this semester, so we could easily grant every international a mentor! The main task of the mentor is to help the international, who is completely new in Groningen, to settle here. For example by getting him from the station, showing him around the city and help with all the questions concerning bank-accounts, where to buy a bike, housing etc. Furthermore, the mentor and international can come to the Drie Gezusters every Monday for our weekly drink, go to all the ESN parties (or any party in Groningen ;) ) and have a good time together. In order to give all the mentors the additional information about his/her tasks regarding the mentorship, we organized an informative meeting at the academy building last week. This meeting was very useful for most of the mentors and we are confident that all the mentors and internationals are going to have a blast together!!

Besides arranging a mentor for the internationals, all of us were involved in the ESN Introduction week as introduction-guides. The introduction week is the KEI-week for international students, organized by ESN at the beginning of every semester. The week is filled with fun activities and, of course, parties! The six of us split up in groups of 2 and were all assigned to 12 internationals. Together with this group, we will experience a great week full of of parties and activities in Groningen. At this very moment we are still enjoying our introduction week. This morning we followed a relaxing yoga-class and tonight there will be an awesome Dutch party at the famous draaibar of the Drie Gezusters.

Last but not least, we are of course busy organizing our next integration activities, and we have a lot of activities coming up! Next Monday we will have our mentor-international night at the Drie Gezusters with a pub quiz and beer pong. Besides this, we are planning an amazing evening out to the NSO orchestra the 17th of February. Furthermore, we will go speed dating on Wednesday 27th of February, an activity where we are really enthusiastic about. As you might guess, we are extremely busy with the preparations now, but we can’t wait to tell you more about the activities next time!

Xxxxx the MIC