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14 January 2014 by MIC
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Imagine the first moment you will step out of the train in Groningen at your arrival for your international study period in this Dutch student city. This city of which everybody said is ‘een stad die altijd de sfeer van een dorp heeft gehad’, or literally translated a city which always had the feel of a village. Well, with taxi drivers not understanding where you wanna go with this unpronounceable street names, the city map that looks nothing like a small village and more bicycles driving around than you have ever seen, this statement all students of Groningen make seems to be gone within a second after your arrival. And that’s were ESN Groningen will come in handy for the first time…

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Groningen is the organization in Groningen which takes care of all international and exchange students that study at the University of Groningen or the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. We organize many social, cultural and sport activities for these students throughout the year in order to make their stay in Groningen an unforgettable experience. In addition, we arrange a mentor for international students who come to Groningen and could appreciate some guidance upon their arrival, in the city and around their faculty/university.

Having a mentor is a nice way to get in touch with Dutch students who can introduce you to the Groninger student life. Your mentor can pick you up from the station, help you get through the first few days after your arrival and can also help you with some of the practical things that need to be done. Your mentor can show you around Groningen and take you to the ESN office and other activities. And of course he/she can help you with some questions that might arise prior to or during your stay in Groningen. Sign up now!

Or do you wanna become a mentor? When you studied or lived abroad you may have experienced how nice it is when you have someone that helps you out the first moments you start your new life abroad. Would you like to help International students settle in their new home and help them get accustomed to their new life in the beautiful city of Groningen? Besides all the practical matters a lot of International students are interested in the nightlife of Groningen, so go out together, visit social activities of ESN, but most of all have fun together so the international student(s) will have fun and make them consider Groningen as their home! So, are you a student living in Groningen for a minimum of 1 semester and wanting to show international students this amazing city? Sign up now!

Are you interested in having a mentor during your stay in Groningen or become one for one or more international students? Then sign up now! The sign up is free for the mentor program of ESN Groningen! If you have any questions about the mentor program, do not hesitate to send an email to