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18 April 2013 by MIC
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Hi everyone!

Last period was a busy one, so the March blog is a bit late. In the last blog you read about our activities in February, and that we didn’t know what we were going to do in March…

Well, we figured it out! We planned an activity to go Lasergaming and Pizzamaking. With a group of about 40 international and Dutch students – we sold out in a day – we went to the lasergame arena in Groningen. For those who don’t know what this is; it is like paintball but without the bruises from the bullets. We arrived as the last of two groups, because cycling with a big group of internationals through a crowded city is a real challenge. The teams consisted of ten players, battling another team of ten players. When the first two teams finished their rounds, it was our turn. Two Games later we had the ultimate winner – a German international.

After the exhausting matches it was time for some, and 40 sweaty, hungry and thirsty students went to the pizzeria, where everybody could make their own pizza. With 40 people, and only place for five pizzas in the oven it took a while before we ate, but it was well worth it. Things taste much better when you made them yourself. Except for the girl who covered here pizza with a layer of anchovies. Bad idea.

After this activity we had to go on with our exams, a hectic period for our committee as some people had a lot of exams. However, the work for the MIC never stopped and we quickly had to go on with our next activity, and it is going to be awesome. Next week we are going to visit the pearl of Groningen, the Hooghoudt spirit distillery. We are getting a tour, followed by a tasting of their products – and they have a lot of products. After this we will take our bikes and ride to the ‘t Pannekoekenschip (pancakeboat) were we have unlimited stacks of pancakes waiting for us.

Read the next blog to find out if we made it there!