Crazy Dutch love for speed skating

06 March 2014 by MIC
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Olympic Wintergames 2014 in Sochi. The Dutch don’t have many attention for ski jumping, Alphine skiing,  snowboarding or any of these other spectacular sports of the Wintergames. The Dutch love speed skating. Love? I guess you can even call it worship! Two skaters at the time, laps of 400m in an oval shape, skating against the time of all the other skaters. It doesn’t matter which distance, 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m or 10 000m the Dutch loves them all. And guess what, Sochi turns orange when it comes to ice skating.

Since the beginning of the Olympics games Medal plaza turned completely orange for a couple of times. The Dutch men won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the speed skate 500m and the 1000m, and for the ladies the stage turned completely orange on the 1500m. Not to speak of all the other distances where we allowed one or two other nationalities on our stage but kept most of the medals to ourselves.

It seems like the Olympic speed skate competition is more a national competition between the Dutch than between all Olympics skaters. The ladies even made it to the 1st, 2th, 3th ánd 4th place on the 1500m. And for the first time in history we even got a bronze medal on short tracking. No chance for other Olympics. Other years the Germans, Canadians, Japanese and Americans had some good opponents. But this year the Dutch are too strong.

‘’It’s exciting’’ and ‘’I love counting the laps’’ is what you hear if you ask the Dutch about their love for speed skating. But is this the real reason why we all pretend to be the biggest ice skating fans in the world? I guess it’s just another really good reason for the Dutch to dress up as crazy as they are completely in orange besides the football tournaments and our yearly Kingsday celebration. Red, white and blue flag on their cheek, orange dresses, orange ties and crazy orange hairdos. Make sure you don’t miss one of this orange parties while you’re in Holland and find out the Dutch craziness for orange.

You think you can be just as good at ice skating as the Dutch? On the 27th of February ESN Groningen organizes an ice skate event where, after a pancake dinner, you can show off your ice skate skills and compete against Dutch students. Wanna join? Get your ticket at the ESN office (St. Walburgstraat 22) during office hours.