Hello new semester

31 January 2015 by MIC
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Hello new semester!

Now the holidays are over and the new year has started, a lot of students are getting ready for the second semester. This also means that there will be new international students arriving to Groningen! How exciting and fun starting a new life abroad can be, it also can make you a little bit stressed and nervous. ESN is here to help! The MIC (Mentor and Integration Committee) of ESN organizes fun activities throughout the year, but besides that also helps out new students through the mentor system.  As an international student, you can apply for a mentor at the website of ESN Groningen . After your application, we try our best to find a mentor for you! Having a mentor is a nice and fun way to get in touch with Dutch students in Groningen. Your mentor will pick you up from the train station in Groningen, can bring you to your housing and help with some practical stuff that needs to be done. But a mentor is also useful to show you around the city and help you integrate in the Dutch student life! So if you are arriving to Groningen soon, or need some extra help integrating in this beautiful city, feel free to sign up through the link below  and tell your fellow internationals about this program! For the Dutch students or internationals already living in Groningen, would you like to be a mentor for new international students? Do you want to show them the city and help them out? Then also sign up now through the link down below!

Mentioned above, the MIC organizes fun activities where mentors, internationals and Dutch students can participate in. The first semester we had a paintball activity followed with a delicious dinner in the Pancake Ship. To give the internationals a little taste of the Dutch life, we organized a beertasting and a fun day of iceskating with a nice social afterwards. At the moment the introduction week started and there are a lot of parties to go to!

For the people that are not done partying yet, keep the 11th of February free! Prepare yourselves for a thrilling day of fun and excitement, perfect for shaking off the stress from the exam weeks!
On the 11th of February the MIC is organizing another integration activity in cooperation with VIP, the study association for psychology students in Groningen. A typical Dutch scouting tradition is to play the scavenger game Crazy 88. Together with your group mates you will enter an exciting race against the clock and against the other groups with one single goal: complete as many of the 88 crazy/fun assignments as you can and take footage as proof! Let’s just say that the crazier the activity your team completes, the more points will be awarded. The team with the highest score will receive a prize! Following this amazing game we will all together have dinner including 1 drink at Huize Maas where the winner of the game will be announced and awarded. To bring an even greater ending to the evening, we can all go for some drinks at Warhol for ESN’s weekly social! Check the link down below for information about the event and the ticket sale, it will be awesome!  To keep up to date what this committee organizes, like our facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/ESNGroningenMentorAndIntegration

We hoop to see you soon at the activities!

Love, the MIC.

(Deadline to sign up for the mentor system is 18th of February):
Apply for a mentor: http://www.esn-groningen.nl/apply-mentor
Apply to be a mentor: http://esn-groningen.nl/apply-become-mentor
Crazy 88: https://www.facebook.com/events/1560345800880014/