Ice-skating event & Sinterklaas

10 November 2014 by MIC
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Ice-skating and the Dutch: a never ending love. Dutch people love ice-skating. As soon as the canals and lakes turn into ice, they grab their skates and go ice-skating. But also if the winter isn’t cold enough (yes, that’s possible!), they have a solution. They just go inside, to an indoor ice-skating track.

Besides the fact that Dutch people love ice-skating, they are also quite good in it. Every Olympic Winter Games the Dutch win some ice-skating medals. But the last edition, in Sotchi, was incredible. The Dutch won 23 of the 36 medals at the long track ice-skating tournament: 8 gold medals, 7 silver and 8 bronze. It was an amazing time for everyone in The Netherlands!

Now we are curious to see your ice-skating skills! Not only from the people who are from the typical ‘ice-skating countries’. We’d like to do an ice-skating event for everyone. That’s why we organized a very nice ice-skating event for you, in cooperation with the Sports Committee of ESN.

Ice-skating may seem a bit difficult, but we assure you that everyone can do it. We will also provide some professional support for those of you who may need a little bit of help. Next to that you don’t have to bring your own skates, but you can rent them at the ice-skating track. Let’s make it a very fun evening!

Before we go ice-skating we will have some nice ‘koek en zopie’. This is Dutch for a drink (hot chocolate/coffee/tea) with cake when you go ice-skating. After the ice-skating we will also provide you some drinks and snacks. All of this (ice-skating, rent of skates, drinks and snacks) will cost you just €12,50 (tickets via ESN office). We’d like to see you all there!

Next to the ice-skating.. Did you already hear about Sinterklaas? Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition, where a man who looks a bit like Santa comes to The Netherlands to celebrate his birthday with all the Dutch children. This is a Dutch tradition that you can’t and don’t want to miss when you’re spending your time abroad in The Netherlands! Sinterklaas’ birthday is on December the 5th, but we would like to celebrate this with you on the evening of December the 7th. There will be traditional Sinterklaas cookies and candy, we will tell you the story about him and maybe Sinterklaas himself will drop by with some presents…

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We’d also like to point out our mentor system. For the new international students, ESN provides a mentor system. Internationals can sign up for getting a mentor, who can help them with the first important things when they arrive in Groningen. Mentors can get the internationals from the station when they arrive, they can help them to get to know the city and the university, and so on. Internationals who’d like to have a mentor and students who already live in Groningen for a while and would like to become a mentor can sign up via The application forms are online during the whole year!