The time of Dutch traditions

10 December 2014 by MIC
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It’s already December. Days are getting colder and darker. But of course the Mentor & Integration Committee organized some fun integration activities. In November, with a big group of international and Dutch students, we went to Kardinge to do one of the most Dutchie things there is: ice-skating! We started with a drink and a sweet and after that it was time to show our skills to each other. From very beginners to nearly professionals, everything was there. We had lots of fun and we laughed a lot. And fortunately, no-one broke a leg!

Another Dutch tradition was going on in November. Sinterklaas had arrived in The Netherlands, together with his Zwarte Pieten. Of course we had to do something with this Dutch tradition. That’s why we organized a Sinterklaas activity on the 7th of December.

When the internationals arrived, we first told them the story about Sinterklaas. After that we practiced one of the famous Sinterklaas-songs, because without songs, Sinterklaas wouldn’t visit us. After we practiced the song for a few times, he was suddenly there! Apparently all the internationals behaved nice, because Sinterklaas decided to visit our Sinterklaas activity.

The internationals could sit on Sinterklaas’ lap and Sinterklaas announced the winner of the poem competition we’d organized. When all of this was done, we started with a game with presents. There were three groups and on every table there were lots of presents. By playing a game with a dice, the presents were divided among the students. Of course there was a huge competition for some very wanted presents. In the end, every one ended up with some nice presents.

Of course, the Sinterklaas activity was held with lots of Sinterklaas cookies and candy: pepernoten, frogs and mice, chocolate money, chocolate letters and lots more. We think it was a great and cozy night!

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For now, we’d like to wish you happy holidays and already a splendid 2015!



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