We are the MIC!

05 December 2012 by MIC
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Sinterklaas & his Zwarte Pieten

We are the MIC

Hi everyone!

We are the Mentor and Integration Committee (MIC) of ESN Groningen. ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network, and organizes a lot of activities for foreign students in Groningen. We, the MIC, have two main tasks to fulfill within ESN. The first is to arrange a mentor for all incoming international students who send a request for it. Whenever possible, we try to match international students with mentors who study at the same faculty. The most important task of the mentor, is to make his or her international student(s) feel at home in Groningen. They might give a short tour, and during the semester they are available for questions and doing nice things. In short, becoming a mentor is the ideal way to experience internationalization in Groningen!

The second task of the MIC is to organize an ‘integration activity’ every month, which main goal is to stimulate the integration between international and Dutch students. Examples of these activities are canoeing on the canals, celebrating Sinterklaas, ice-skating, going to FC Groningen, and so on.

Last Sunday we celebrated Sinterklaas. Together with 40 international students, a few mentors, some members of the ESN-board and Sinterklaas himself, we celebrated the most cozy tradition of Holland. And it was amazing. We started with explaining the story of Sinterklaas, we told about the Zwarte Pieten, his horse Amerigo, pepernoten and pakjesavond. After this we tried to teach everyone the Dutch Sinterklaassong ‘Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen’, which was unintelligible in the end ;-). And during singing Sinterklaas arrived with two Zwarte Pieten and a lot of presents. Some internationals had to come to Sinterklaas, sit on his lap and hear him tell everyone about all the naughty things they did last year. Later we played a game with the presents, the weirdest things were unpacked: a thong of candy, a hoolahoop and tic-tac-toe with shots. We ended the afternoon with watching the typical Dutch movie ‘Alles is Liefde’. In short, a great day.

So, that is an example of how we infiltrate international students into our somewhat weird Dutch culture ;-) From now on every month we will tell you about our activities and other things we’re doing. If you would like some extra information about us and our activities, never hesitate to send us an email at mic@esn-groningen.nl!