Away from Home during Christmas

23 December 2013 by Natasha
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My family don’t celebrate Christmas. Go ahead, be surprised. My aunt celebrates Christmas though and I sometimes joined her. However, my main family usually spend Chrismas Day as if it is just another regular holiday; no presents, Christmas trees,...

In these times, houses are decorated with colorful lights and ornaments, Christmas trees are found everywhere! It really makes me so happy to see all of the spirit to celebrate Christmas. My friends give Christmas cards to me, we exchange presents, have parties and dinners. Also, olliebolens stalls are everywhere now. Olliebolen is a fried doughnut without a hole in it and sprinkled with sugar powder, it’s one of my favorite food here. Christmas becomes a very special event for me this year!

Not to mention that earlier before Christmas, Sinterklaas came to Groningen. It was really fun how people celebrated Sinterklaas where he put some chocolate in shoes – not socks. The student organization in my faculty (De Chemische Binding) even organized a shoe coloring event where the most beautiful shoe won the biggest chocolate (my friend won it)! The student manager of my housing also put some chocolates in our shoes if we leave it outside or room. It was a really nice way to begin this amazing month!

Sinterklaas came to Nijenborgh (the chemistry building)!

However, while my friends are going back home to celebrate Christmas with their family, I decided to stay here. The ticket to go home is too expensive and the holiday is only two weeks, so I decided to stay. Although being away from home during Christmas sounds sad, there is a silver lining behind it ! I can travel and celebrate Christmas with some of my friends who are also staying because of the same problem I’m dealing with (broke).

Merry Christmas to everybody! Happy holidays!