Behind All Those Chemical Reactions

31 December 2013 by Natasha
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‘You’re studying chemical engineering?!’ said people, surprised. That is almost everybody’s reaction when I told them my major

Everybody thinks that chemistry is hard and boring with all the calculations and reactions, but in reality it is not just that. I remember last year at this month, as a senior it was already time to send applications to universities or colleges. I was not sure about studying chemistry or chemical engineering by that time, but now I have no regrets choosing this major.

Long hours spent both in classes and laboratory is a part of the program. However, those long hours are paid off. I got to spend a lot of time with my faculty friends and actually do a lot of activities with them. In addition, the student association, De Chemische Binding offers a lot of activities besides their borrel (drinking). This time I would like to share about the Christmas Dinner I spent with these amazing guys!

The Christmas Dinner is one of the biggest events that is anticipated by everybody every year. With only 15 euros per person, the kerstdinner committee provide a seven-course dinner. This year, the theme of the dinner was ‘The Animated Series’ and was located in the Harmonie Complex’s cafeteria.

The ticket! Who can resist that adorable minion?

The menu of the dinner was kept a secret, which was really exciting! Once I got there, the menu only described the movie each course represent. The animated movies and series that were used are; Chicken Run, Kung Fu Panda, Snow White, Pokemon, Finding Nemo, and Winnie the Pooh. It left all of us wondering what will we get while enjoying the time talking to each other. I think the committee was creative, for example they served salmon on a toast for the Finding Nemo theme. Also, for chicken run they served chicken salad. They served simple dishes yet those dishes represent the theme nicely.

Not only food, there was lots of wine! Both red wine and white wine was provided and all of us had a great time. Last but not least, Dutch really love coffee, after every course was already served they closed the dinner with a nice cup of coffee which was new to me!

I got to know my friends more from the dinner, ate really good food, and drank good wine, it was a really great evening. What is great of being a part of the chemistry faculty is all of us are close to each other. It is a small faculty that everybody knows each other. So, behind all of those chemical reactions, we have this strong bond of togetherness. In hard times all of us help each other.

So, if you are interested in chemistry, then don’t be afraid to take chemistry as your major because it sounds hard, especially if you want to study in Groningen! Don’t worry, there are a lot of perks being a chemistry student and in good or bad times everybody always stick together.