Bloemenmarkt: Flower Festival

30 April 2015 by Natasha
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Bloemenmarkt is an annual event in Groningen. It is one of the busiest days in Groningen that it is so crowded since people from various places come to this festival.

As spring arrives, people wants to visit Keukenhof, Lisse. It is located near Leiden. There are beautiful flower fields there that you can only see here in the Netherlands. No wonder that it is in everyone’s must-visit-list. Last year I went there by taking the train to Leiden centraal and then cycling from the station to Lisse (it takes around 40 minutes one way). Along the way I saw a lot of tulip fields and it was unforgettable. I recommend people who likes to cycle to do this. It was really fun! You get to see not only the Keukenhof park itself but also the tulip fields around it.

Colorful Tulip Fields

However, this year I was rather lazy to go to Leiden yet I still want to see flowers. Thankfully there’s a bloemenmarkt (literally translated means flower market) in Groningen. The streets are filled with all sorts of flower and plants. People are carrying huge plants that they bought, it was really nice! I got myself some flowers too.