Celebrating Our Independence Day

31 August 2014 by Natasha
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After saying lots of good bye for the past month up to now, new faces start to swarm everywhere. It is really exciting to meet all of them!

Exchange students from all over the world is coming to enjoy Groningen. There are also lots of Indonesian students coming to this town. As Indonesian students, we have to report our arrival to the embassy. However, the embassy is in the Hague which is quite far from Groningen. Therefore some of the embassy representatives came to Groningen today. They gave us a chance to report our arrival in Groningen instead to make it more convenient.

To make it more merrier, some of us decided to celebrate Indonesian’s independence day (it was actually on 17th of August but waiting for the new students was worth it). It is our tradition to celebrate Independence day by a ceremony and fun competitions.

Here is an interesting fact: we have ‘Eating Crackers’ competition where you compete to eat a cracker without your hands as fast as possible. It turned out that this competition was derived from the Dutch! The difference was instead of crackers, the Dutch used spekulaas.

The 'Eating Crackers' Competition
Spekulaas: a really delicious Dutch cookies! If you haven't try it, then you should

I had fun celebrating our tradition in the Netherlands. Not to mention I was happy to talk to all the new students from Indonesia where they shared their first impressions and about their introduction days here.  Some attended the ESN introduction days our their faculty introduction camp. A few was also still busy with moving in to a new place. Well, to all the new students here:

Welcome to Groningen!