Christmas Dinner - International Cafe

30 December 2014 by Natasha
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In Christmas Eve, most of my friends go to their hometown to have dinner with their family. What about us whose family is too far from here? Well the International Cafe have an event for you!

On Christmas Eve, my friends and I usually cook together and have a nice dinner. However, this year we found out that there’s actually a free Christmas Dinner every 24th December, held by the International Cafe Groningen. We thought, “Why not sign up?”. Not to mention that we are quite lazy to cook.

The dinner started at 6 pm at Madoerastraat. As I got there, there were already a lot of people from different kind of countries; Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Germany, Turkey, and also the Netherlands itself. The room was also decorated with beautiful Christmas ornaments that really brighten up the atmosphere.

The evening was organized by volunteers from several churches. There was a lot of delicious food, wine, and dessert. Different kind of foods were served on a table and we took turn to take the food. There were food from different kind of countries: Mexican, Arabian, Indian. Not only the main course, the table was also filled with all kind of deserts afterwards. There was ice cream, cookies, and cake. I was really full that evening thanks to the wonderful chefs that are willing to cook for us in Christmas Eve. We also received a gift from them; a story book about Christmas. I really didn’t expect it.

For hours I got to eat good food, talk to a lot of people, and had fun. Be sure to sign up next year! There’s a facebook group for ‘International Cafe Groningen’ and they also have a website.

We had a great time evening! What about you? How was your Christmas eve? I hope you had a great one too!