Easter Eggs: Color, Fight, Eat it!

20 April 2014 by Natasha
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Before, I only used Easter eggs for egg hunting but here I learned a new tradition I never knew.

Coloring eggs is usual for me, but I color it with paints and not natural coloring. It turned out that it is possible to color eggs with onion skins. We tried out beets, carrots, and spinach too but the color was so faint.

Here is what to do: boil the eggs with the onion skins and add around two spoons of vinegar. You can also check this video

Boiling the eggs!
Here is the one with onion skins

To make it even more beautiful, you can wrap them with bandage and put  leaf, flower, or even rice grains to make beautiful patterns. Then you can boil them like usual.

The eggs that are bandaged
Here is one example with a leaf pattern on it
All of the eggs that we color! I really like the dark red ones

Here is the exciting part; egg fight! The first time I heard it, I thought egg fight means people throw eggs at each other like a snowball fight. However, egg fight is nothing like that. It’s competing which egg has a stronger shell by hitting each other’s egg. The one who gets a crack first loses. Afterwards, you can simply eat the eggs. Usually, people bless their eggs to the church first and eat it afterwards with family.

Happy Easter to all of you! I hope everybody is enjoying their Easter :)