Explore History with The Museumkaart

30 September 2014 by Natasha
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One thing that I really enjoy here are the museums. There are tons of museums spread all around the Netherlands. They tell wonderful tales from our history and teaches us a lot. However, I haven’t got the time and money to visit all of them.

A few weeks ago, while visiting Kasteel de haar in Utrecht I finally made a museumkaart. The entrance fees to museums and historical landmarks varies from 4 – 15 euro. Considering there are a lot of nice museums around, I thought, ‘why not?’ and got one for myself. So, I used my museumkaart the first time to enter Kasteel de haar. It was a really pleasant and unique journey. The castle was located far away from the town that instead of buses, there are only car pick – up services (which was new for me) where you pay with your OV chipkaart (haven’t got one? Check www.ov-chipkaart.nl) .

There are themed castle tours in the Kasteel de haar. When I got there, they got their own unique theme: culinaire. They explain how the baron served his guest, featuring his amazing kitchen and proffesional chefs. The upcoming theme in the next months would be about the guest rooms. One time they also had a theme: marriage. It was all really interesting!

Kasteel de haar, Utrecht

The museumkaart costs 54.95 euro, you can order now online from http://www.museumkaart.nl/. It’s really worth it, especially if you’re still 18 years old and younger, it’s only 27.50 euro. The museums in the Netherlands is really nice and different from the other countries.

Even in Groningen we also have some museums. Have you ever passed McDonalds in Westerhaven? There’s already a museum beside there! It is a strip comics museum. So, with your museumkaart you can just go in there whenever you’re around Westerhaven. Not only that, of course you can visit the Groninger museum for free.