Getting to Know A City

31 March 2014 by Natasha
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There are a lot of cities in the Netherlands that you have to visit! Enjoying your weekend in another stad or city is definitely worth it once in a while. Here are some of my stories getting to know a city

A few weeks ago I went to Tilburg, a beautiful city on the South of the Netherlands. Cities in the Netherlands are relatively small and beautiful, which makes it perfect for a one day tour! In this activity arranged by Indonesian Student Associations of the Netherlands, we are grouped and given a tour about Tilburg. Afterwards, there was a twitpic competition! We were given some clues of a certain place or landmark of the city and we had to take a picture in front of it then uploaded it to twitter.

A picture we uploaded to twitter
The committee also included pathe! cinema as one of the landmarks of Tilburg to confuse us! :D

Another way to get to know a city and also the people is to interact with those who already stayed longer here. The past months new international students arrived in my housing. After knowing that I’ve been here longer than them, some of my international friends asked me to “describe” my Dutch friends. Of course, I’m confused. They said they’re simply curious because everyone that they know is an international student. At that moment, I realized that even this city is so small, it is so international that one might not have any Dutch friends! In the end, all of us had a great time sharing what’s different here and back home.

So, for closing, I guess some random different things I found might be entertaining.

Every time I went somewhere with my friends I always bring cash in Indonesia. However, now I barely have some cash in my wallet and it’s perfectly fine because of my debit card. Everybody uses a debit card here and it’s really handy!

Restaurants charge sauce, which is just weird. Fast food restaurants like KFC, burger king, McDonald's in Indonesia don’t charge sauce, it’s free and unlimited! But of course, you can’t just bring a bottle and fill it up with the sauce from the restaurant, that’s against common sense. One thing that I also miss, chili sauce! However, the good thing is now I really appreciate and enjoy the sauce I purchased here whenever I eat.

A sauce dispenser, very common in Indonesia.

Day light saving time! Yesterday on 30th of March, from 1.59 am it became 3.00 am instead of  2 am here. There it goes, one hour of my precious sleep time. This is all part of day light saving time which is common here but not back in Indonesia. However, this concept is new for me and some of my friends. The first time it happened last year, my friend messed up her whole schedule and somehow almost missed her flight.

Last but not least, it’s also officially spring! Enjoy the lovely weather everyone!