How Would you Describe the Weather?

30 April 2015 by Natasha
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I asked my friend who picked me up from Schipol to Groningen the first time arrive, “How’s the weather here?” and she only laughed upon hearing my question.

When I asked that, I was expecting her to say something solid like “The weather’s okay, it is a bit windy sometimes but that’s all”. However, she finally answered that the weather here is like a moody girl. At first I was confused what she meant, but eventually I understand her. The weather here is unexpected. Even though it looks sunny, a second later it might rain really hard (along with the merciless wind).

It is always a good idea to wear a jacket that can withstand any kind of weather – windy or rain even the weather looks good. It is also handy to always bring an umbrella or poncho. One time I went to my class without a decent jacket and it suddenly rained really hard. What annoys me the most was it got sunny again as I arrived. Some people were wondering why I was soaking wet. When I explained what happened to my friends, all they say was, “Welcome to the Netherlands!”

To deal with the unexpected weather, a really helpful application for all of us here is buienalarm. It tells you how hard it will rain two hours ahead and warns you if a rain is coming. Ever since I know this application my life has gotten a lot easier. At least you don’t have to be surprised all the time with the weather.

All I can say is it is important to be prepared here in the Netherlands!