In Search of Good Food

30 September 2015 by Natasha
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I won’t lie, it is harder for me to get various kinds of food here than back in my hometown. However, that’s only at the beginning.

Jakarta is a metropolitan city. Restaurants are everywhere – Indonesian, American, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Vietnamese, Japanese, you name it. It is so easy to look for food. Whenever I’m feeling like eating something, there must be a restaurant that can satisfy my fetish. On the contrary, the first time I arrive here I must say that the easiest food to find is only fries (with mayo, of course) and kebabs. How do I find the same kind of food here with my student budget?

The truth here in Groningen is you actually get to eat these amazing international food during special occasions or if you cook it for yourself.

One of the example of an event is the ‘Multiculinair  Food Festival’, where people are selling various kinds of food in food trucks. It was a really great way to spend my time during a sunny day with my friends.

Great weather, great food, great companions! What could be better?

The other way is to actually cook. Living here is a really great opportunity to learn to cook. Especially with all of the international students here, we can learn from them different kind of dishes.

I find that being able to eat exotic food is a luxury and I appreciate it even more than before.