In the Lab with Bacteria!

23 March 2014 by Natasha
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The past few weeks I've been busy with my biochemistry practical course. Here’s also what only science students experience: spending hours in the labratory, but this time with biochemistry we have to deal with bacteria.

“It’s like you skin your pet, and take their DNA. Then, you skin another pet and put in that DNA into this pet. That’s basically what you’re going to do!” A senior told me before the start of the practical course, which sounded horrifying.

Biochemistry is a refreshing course in my program, it is different than the other chemistry courses. Instead of studying chemistry stuffs, we study cells and bacterias. The practical itself is really cool, we got to extract DNAs and nurture them in bacteria colonies to make vanillin sugar.

I would never guess that I can make vanillin sugar in the lab!

Again, the practical course is different than other chemistry synthesis practical courses. Nature can’t be rushed. We really need to take our time and let the bacterias grow, so it is really challenging for me who always want to rush. However, all the efforts are paid when you can smell such sweet vanilline in your cuvettes. In addition, I always bring a pack of cards to kill time waiting for the bacteria to grow.

The good thing about practical courses is everybody definitely wants to do something nice to take a break from the long hours in the lab.

This time, for refreshing my friends and I went to de chemische binding’s discobowling. The venue was at Tasmania, Timpweg 19. Each of us are charged 6 euro for two hours playing (but in the end we played for almost 3 hours). It was so fun and defnitely worth it! Tasmania facebook page:

We split into teams and competed for the price de cb has prepared. But it doesn’t matter wheter you can bowl or not, it’s about having fun! It’s been years since I went bowling. My first try was a gutter ball but then it got better and better. On the contrary, some other people were already really good since the beginning and got strike for rows. After playing two rounds, we had a winner already! The winner received a bowling pin trophy and cake.

It was a really great night!

Disco Bowling!