Is traveling from Groningen inconvenient?

30 November 2013 by Natasha
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While studying abroad, traveling is a must. When will you have another chance to explore these amazing places?

Groningen’s location isn’t nice, it’s way up in the Netherlands,” my friend complained after she got back from her trip to Rotterdam. It costs her 50 euro (round trip) to go to other big cities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc. However, I disagree with her. Yes, Groningen is in the North of the Netherlands but that does not mean that it is not nice or inconvenient to travel. There are lots of ways to save money for traveling with your student’s budget here.

You can always find promotions or buy a dagkaart. Dagkaart is a day card where you can travel for the whole day anywhere in the Netherlands. It is sold in supermarkets like HEMA, Albert-heijn, Kruidvat for about 15 Euros. What about the promotions? There are lots of promotions here! For instance, the group ticket that is offered for the moment which is really cheap (the cheapest is 6.4 euros). I can go wherever I want and join with other people via facebook groups who have the same destination. Or, a personal OV-chip kaart can be ordered online and there are lots of discounts and subscriptions ( For traveling to other countries, there is also this good website that you can check! (

Being in the North isn’t a bad thing. Instead of complaining about it, you can travel to cities near Groningen. For instance, Groningen is located close to Bremen, Germany. There is a bus from Groningen to Bremen, by publicexpress. Bremen is famous for its Christmas Market. Christmas Market usually already start since the end of November until early January and can be found in a lot of places in Germany. Christmas Market is one of the best things during this time of the year! Since the Netherlands is next to Germany, Bremen is not the only place you can visit for the heart-warming Christmas Market. You can go to various cities and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas.

Bremen Christmas Market

Even when you are extremely broke, you can always travel. Just grab your bike and go with your friends to explore the outskirts of the city! For me, being able to enjoy the scenery of country houses and fields is amazing. It is really refreshing to see something you don’t see in your hometown especially if you are from outside of Europe.

So, travel when you have the chance! Be happy and explore the world, traveling is the essence of life.