Exam Weeks (Plus Snow) is Here Again

27 January 2014 by Natasha
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Some people are already done with their exams and now are anxiously waiting for the results, some already had it even before Christmas break, and some still have their exams this week. Sadly, I’m one of those who still have exams.

Time flies, it is now exam weeks again and soon a new term will start. The main problem for me during exam weeks is one. Where I study is very important for me. In my room, alone, with my laptop opened is pointless. I’ll end up procrastinating, even writing this blog counts as one of my procrastination acts. That’s why I always prefer a study group, when I’m not focus anymore my study partner will remind me that my mind is already wandering around to nowhere.

Back home, it is so easy to find a nice cozy place to study with my friends. In Indonesia, high school students usually go to cafe or coffee shops like starbucks to study. We are allowed to stay there for hours as long as we order a drink. The smell of coffee and the pleasant atmosphere really made me studying better.

But here during exam weeks, the university library is so full that I sometimes can’t find a place there. Thankfully, there are some spots at Zernike that is comfortable for studying.

1. The Nijenborg’s Cafeteria

There are some boxes on the back of the canteen. The cushion is also comfortable and it is a nice place for studying. In addition, members of de chemisce binding (chemistry/chemical engineering student association) can have a nice cup of tea or coffee from the cb hok that is just beside the cafetaria.

2. Bernoulliborg

Around the ESC (education support center) place, downstairs there are sofas, chairs, tables, also whiteboards. The atmosphere is perfect for studying. The plus points are there are some ‘games’ for refreshing. I will make another post for these ‘games’.

The Mindball game, the ball will move towards your opponent when you relax your mind.

Last but not least, I can still invite my friends to come studying or the other way around where I come to my friend’s place. It is still better than studying alone. Thus, in a beautiful city like Groningen, I can just take a walk to the park or the centrum for refreshing. For instance, yesterday we went to the park which is covered with snow and it was amazing. Seeing happy kids playing snow sled was really nice, not to mention it was my first ever seeing this much snow.

Okay, I’d better be back to studying benzenes and aromaticity. Good luck to everyone with their exams and enjoy the snow while it's here!