On the Way Back to Groningen

30 September 2015 by Natasha
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At the end of last summer, I had to go back to Groningen for my third bachelor year after having a long nice holiday in Indonesia. On the way to Groningen, I noticed that a lot of people has huge suitcases – the new students are here!

There are a lot of new students coming to study in Groningen. Two – one week before the academic year starts, you will definitely meet someone new coming to Groningen in the train.

As it is a long ride from Schiphol to Groningen (two and a half hour), I ended up talking a lot of stuffs with these newbie. Most of them just came to the Netherlands for the first time, they don’t know what to expect there. We talked all kinds of things from the university and even about group ticket, the supermarkets, annual events such as supersonic and noorderzon arts festival, that the long journey felt short. It felt weird that now I am the one who is telling new people about life in Groningen. It seems like I just arrived in Groningen yesterday, but time flies so fast that now I’m already starting my third year.

When I saw all of those new students, I saw myself two years ago, anxious about my choice, about what will come next in my life in Groningen. Let me tell all of you who has came, you have nothing to regret! Whether you came for an exchange or full study, every moment you spend in Groningen is irreplaceable.