Procrastination Peak Season

by Natasha
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Everybody procrastinates. But when else it is at its peak other than during the exam period?

The Dutch students even have a word for this: SOG. Instead of studying for your exams you do other (*cough* productive) activities. You clean your room, go to the ACLO sport centrum to exercise, shop for groceries, do the laundry, cook dinner, and ... maybe also rearrange your room decorations. There is suddenly so many reasons to do so many activities other than studying.

I found myself keep on procrastinating even worse during the exam period. The funny thing is everybody does this. In the end of the day, my friends and I tell each other the errands we do instead of studying. How do we stop this endless madness?

There is actually a good website: that tells a lot of useful tips to create a better life. One of its article tell us how to (at least try) avoid procrastination in many ways. One trick is to think that studying for 5 minutes won’t hurt. After 5 minutes you actually try to force yourself think that another 5 minutes also won’t hurt. To be honest, this doesn’t really work for me but it works for my friend! In the end she studied for a long time. What helps for me is the article said that we should not procrastinate by avoiding thinking “I can do this later...” in the first place. No! You can’t do it later! It has been decided since days ago that you want to study at this day and this moment. You just got to do it.

Despite that, here I am writing this blog entry and pushing aside my exam material. However I believe procrastination can be overcome with a strong will. Good luck everyone with your exam!