RUG 400th Anniversary: You’re All Invited to My Birthday

16 May 2014 by Natasha
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I would never imagine attending such an old university with such an amazing history – 400 years.

The University of Groningen (RUG) is turning 400th this year! With their theme ‘4 ’ four infinity invites everybody to their countless cool events. This university was founded in 1614, and in my opinion this university is the one that makes the city of Groningen so dynamic. 27,500 students thanks to the university that Groningen will always be such a special place.

Responding to the invitation, I had a blast yesterday (15/5/2014). I watched King Willem – Alexander in the balcony of the academic building, it was my first time seeing the king in person! Not only me, a lot of students grab their bike and cycle their way to the academic building after their classes.

In the evening, there is the Mysteria Gala, a very special gala with 8,000 tickets sold. Not only students, but staffs, alumni, and even lecturers went to the gala party, everybody wants to go there. Even in the last minutes some people still search for the ticket. I really couldn’t imagine how it will be at the first time, I wouldn’t think there is such a place that can hold that much people. It was really busy in the evening, I see people in dresses and suits all around the town with bikes.

However, it turns out that it is actually possible to have thousands of people at the same time because there are a several big rooms in Martini Plaza. They have two main stages, ‘Neverland’ and ‘Gallery’ where people can enjoy the night. There are also seats upstairs or in the ballroom. Drinks and food are provided where we can exchange it with vouchers. The fun part was also the photobooth!

Jazz music! It was really good

That night – young or old, everybody enjoys their time. This anniversary gives everybody a good time. Gefeliciteerd, University of Groningen!