Seasonal Mood

30 January 2015 by Natasha
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Does weather affect our mood? Yes, definitely yes from my experience. Especially here there are four seasons throughout the year, unlike my home country Indonesia.

I noticed there is a distinguish seasonal pattern for people’s mood here. Not to mention I grew up in a tropical country with only two seasons: dry and rain. Back then there was not a lot of mood swing. Here’s a short description of how I’ve always felt about those two seasons;

Dry: It’s hot as always. But drier.

The dry season is the same as always – hot but there is no rain. This season makes you miss rain. One weird thing that I notice: the sun in Indonesia doesn’t sting as much as in the Netherlands. So even in the dry season I don’t mind doing outdoor activities even it’s really hot, way hotter than summer in the Netherlands.

Rain : It’s flood time!

People say that rain causes depression and I agree with that. However, the rain in Indonesia is a few days straight. Afterwards, it’s sunny again yet you find yourself unable to go anywhere because it has flooded (which is a valid reason not to go to school).

On the contrary, with spring, summer, autumn, and winter I feel a lot different between seasons. Spring is a beautiful season because flowers bloom everywhere and the trees are no longer leafless. It’s also starting to get warm and a lot of people are relaxing at the park. However, for people who are allergic to pollen, spring is not their favorite season. Then the long awaited summer comes. Summer is the best season to do a lot of activities since the days are longer. It really is unusual to have a sunset at 10 pm for me. I am more enthusiastic and energetic during summer. In autumn, I am starting to get lazy to go outside because of the wind blowing so hard. Not to mention the vicious horizontal rain here. When winter arrives, I am the laziest human in the world. I just want to stay in bed and curl under my blanket. Winter is the perfect season to hibernate. The most annoying part is how fast it gets dark. Moreover, seeing blue sky is a rare opportunity. Although I get more depressed and homesick in winter, I don’t hate this season because there’s Christmas and snow!

In short, there are more ups and downs thanks to the weather when I’m living in the Netherlands compared to Indonesia. At first I thought this only happens in the first year but now that I’m in my second year I actually experience the same order of seasonal moods. Around this time of the year my friends in Indonesia are anticipating flood but they do not have a different mood than usual. I never thought that the weather could affect my feelings this much!