Study Periods

30 January 2015 by Natasha
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Just a little thing to share, the study periods in the Netherlands is a little bit different than in other countries – which explains why the exams was just over this week and not before Christmas break.

Approaching the winter break, my friends that were scattered all around the world already complained about their final exams. However, that is not the same story for me. Instead, I am already unable to focus on my lectures because I can’t wait to have holiday.

In the Netherlands, in each year there are two study periods that are each divided into two again; 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b. Since the academic year started on September, period 1a ends on November. Therefore, 1b can’t possibly end in December with such a short period of time. That is why we have Christmas break in the middle of 1b period. It’s actually a good thing because we could take a break from studying and just forget everything for a moment. However, we will have to face exams soon after the break. The library will be suddenly swarmed by students, all kind of venues are booked for exam (even at ACLO and Martini Plaza). If you want a nice spot in the library, you have to wake up early and tag a nice place for you!

Afterwards, we have period 2a and 2b until summer (end of June) without any break in it. The effect of not having any break during period 2 is it passes really fast. Well, as they say, time is relative.

Each study period usually have around 15 ECTS workload. 1 ECTS is equivalent to 28 hours of work. In Universiteit, usually we have three classes that are worth 5 ECTS or combination with 10 ECTS worth course. While I heard in Hogeschools like Hanze there are varied classes with ECTS from 2 – 5.

I just thought that it will be nice to share this with you since I actually didn’t understand the ECTS system until I arrived here (my bad, I’m not good at researching). Have a nice weekend for those of you who are free from exams!