Summer: Everybody's Favorite Season

22 June 2014 by Natasha
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Yesterday (21/06) is officially summer. Summer here is slightly different than tropical countries’ summer. For sure, people here loves summer so much.

The sun comes out earlier and sets later. The sky is blue and people lay down on the grass to enjoy the weather. You can also smell BBQ smoke as you ride your bike across the park. In addition, ice cream trucks are everywhere now! My first summer in Europe as a student in Groningen is indeed different than my usual summers in Indonesia.

The good thing with the summer here is the day is longer. It feels really weird that it is still bright at 10 pm. However, it is really nice at the same time because you can do more activities. I can cycle around Groningen with my friend to enjoy the scenery in the evening after classes.  

The biggest difference here is people love being in the sun. During lunch breaks, my friends and I sit outside. On the contrary, my friends back home are afraid of sunlight. If it is hot outside, people prefer to stay in their room with the air conditioner turned on. However, it makes sense since I got tan so easily but not my Dutch friends.

The next awesome thing about summer in Groningen is the BBQ events! Since Groningen is a student city, by the end of the academic year there are tons of BBQ events from associations and friends. One of them is the BBQ End Year from de Chemisce Binding. It was a special event since a stage was also provided  with great bands performing. In addition, there was cake for everyone in the end. All of us had a great time, which was perfect to end the academic year.


Happy summer everyone!

P.S. Try to lay down on the Linnaeusborg's slope if you haven't, it's wonderful.