The Indonesian Student Association in Groningen

The Indonesian Student Association in Groningen

28 February 2014 by Natasha
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Do you know how many Indonesians are in Groningen? A lot. We have an association here, but what do we actually do?

I just realized that I haven’t introduced one of the most important associations for me in Groningen; Indonesian Students Association in Groningen (PPIG).

There are around 200 Indonesians in the city of Groningen, which is a lot. No wonder we have an association to accomodate all of the Indonesians here. We even have a yahoo! Maillist which is very useful. When I arrived, the association members were the ones who pick us up at the airport and bought dagkaarts for us to go to Groningen.

You can also check out our website (preferably with google chrome if you don’t understand Indonesian so you can use google translate);

We have a lot of wonderful events, the next one would be the Indonesian Day and Dinner which would take place at the beginning of May 2014, and we welcome everybody!

Here’s a video of last year’s Indonesian Day. It's a long video, but you can just see it to get an idea of what it event it is.

What do we do aside arranging events? Here is some examples how every Indonesian can contribute for each other;

1.The Association Board

This includes as being the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, etc. We also have sections such as sports section. Every weekend they book courts for us to play badminton or soccer or volley ball. Not only sports, we have the tourism section that arranges visits for us. In addition, there is the education section that arranges Indonesian Science Cafe every month.

There are still other sections and positions I haven't mentioned because there is a lot.

2. Religion

For religious aspects, we also have deGromiest for Muslims and Petri for Christians or Catholic. It is also very important for us to keep our faith when being away from home and gather together usually once a week.

3. Arts

We have a choir and also a dancing team, and anybody who wants to participate is welcomed. Our dance team is famous for various dances such as ‘Tari Merak’, 'Tari Panen', etc.

One of the other projects of the Indonesian Student Association is the ‘Sahabat van Holand’ or translated as friends from the Netherlands where we send post cards to kids in remoted villages of Indonesia to delight them.

Thanks to this association I can still feel the warmth of home and it reminds me of my family and friends. I can't express how grateful I am having everybody from the association.