Weekend Getaway: Poland

27 February 2015 by Natasha
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One of the perks living in Groningen is the ability to travel to different countries during your free time in weekend. Not only by bus or train, traveling by plane is actually also a possibility even for a student budget.

Poland is a good destination for a weekend getaway. Its living cost is cheaper than the Netherlands that coming here makes you feel (a little bit) richer. You can fine a decent Polish meal with approximately 4 euro. In addition, there are cheap tickets to Poland from Ryanair or Wizzair that is around 10 – 20 euro one way. If you buy a ticket from Ryanair you can depart from Eindhoven or Bremen is also possible. With Wizzair, you can even depart from Groningen!

With a stroke of luck, I found a return ticket to Warsaw for 34 euro right after the exams! It will be the perfect way to reward myself after the exhausting week. Warsaw is the capital city of Poland – it is big, grand, modern yet so rich of history. There are a lot to visit and experience. There is a lot of museums here for sure and they have free entrance on certain days (different for each museum).

One of the best museums here is the Warsaw Uprising museum. As I walked in the museum, I can already feel the tension of the uprising. The museum takes me back to the past and makes me feel empathize with the people of Warsaw during the World War II. There are clips telling the stories of the fighters of Warsaw – a girl, a soldier, the citizens, even a 3D bird eye view of the city after it was bombed. Back in high school I only see pictures of WW II in history textbooks without much thought but there I really see and feel it.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum
Another place to visit is the Willanow Palace, it is a really beautiful palace!
Don't forget to try their local food! This is pierogi or known also as Polish dumplings

In short, I recommend a weekend getaway to Poland, it is really fun and you won’t run out of activities! Travel while you can, you will meet different people and see the different perspectives of world - what's there to lose?