Weekends in Groningen

31 October 2015 by Natasha
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I sat on the stairs of the VVV, watching the crowd at Grote Markt as I enjoy my patat met joppie. I’ve made it to the third year of my bachelor, remembering some of my first year struggles.
Grote markt from the VVV stairs

I still remember the first time I was in the international student housing, although there are a lot of other internationals I still felt different due to the fact that I was just starting my full bachelor degree. On the other hand, most of my friends from my study is Dutch.

“Where are you going this weekend?” I asked my friends. The answer was mostly either they’re going to their actual hometown (Dutchies) or they’re going somewhere exotic while they’re at Europe (international exchange students). At first it seemed that weekends in Groningen were so quiet, a lot of students are not in Groningen during weekends. In addition, I had a different definition of what makes a town alive, especially for me coming from a metropolitan city. The fact that shops are only open from till 5 was so weird for me. I thought there wouldn’t be anything I can do in this little town.

Little did I know that weekends in Groningen is what I enjoy the most now. Weekends in Groningen is a time for me to lay back and enjoy my time with my friends. There are also a lot of events in the city if you try to search for it on facebook etc. For example, earlier this month there was a vintage market.

So, if at first you thought this city is quiet, it will change eventually. At weekends my friends go away to their home, but I stay here in most weekends, because Groningen is my home.