What can you do during the winter break?

30 December 2014 by Natasha
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Studying here in RuG, we only have the summer and winter break. Therefore, I was really looking forward to this year’s winter break and spend every moment of it to the fullest. There are a lot of things you can do!

I was so excited to begin my winter break with the Dickens Festival in Deventer. Even as I got out of my train, I stepped into the wonderful world of Dickens’ 19th century already. There were people wearing old style clothes carrying wooden luggage with their kids. The conductor wore a robe and carrying a sword everywhere. It felt as if I traveled back through time.

The admission to this festival was free however you can already saw people lining up after a few minutes’ walk from the central station. To got in you have to queue that took up to 1.5 hours but it was worth it. In addition, as you queue there would be characters from Dickens’ stories marching alongside you. They also narrate some small dialogues from the stories such as Oliver Twist, Christmas Carol, etc.

People singing Christmas songs

After enjoying a trip to the 19th century, I continued my journey to Maastricht to spend the night at my friend’s place. Maastricht is really far from Groningen but it is a very beautiful city. It is near both Belgium and Germany so you can always take the bus to go there. For instance, you can take the bus to go to Aachen, there’s a beautiful Christmas Market in that town. From Aachen, I took the train to visit a small village in Germany called Cochem. The trains in Germany is cheaper and they have some offers that you can check at www.bahn.de. In this case, I used the day ticket offer with 3 other people that costs 13 euro/person. The ticket can be used to travel within the whole Germany in one day.

Before going back to the Netherlands, we decided to visit Drachenburg. This is the view from the castle's uphill path.

There are a lot of alternatives to travel to Germany. Traveling from Maastricht is just one of the options. It is also possible to travel from Venlo with a train. From Groningen, you can take the bus to Oldenburg or Bremen. If you have never visited Germany, you should!