What Comes Next After Bachelor?

30 March 2015 by Natasha
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I got this question from a lot of Indonesian juniors. In Indonesia, most people look for a job right after they got their bachelor degree. However, here in the Netherlands it’s a little bit different.

I have always thought that I will work after I graduate bachelor, just like my friends and relatives in Indonesia. According to a lot of people, it is better to work first to get more experiences. Getting a master degree right after a bachelor degree might result an over qualification yet lack of experience that people might not want to work with you.

Despite all of that, it is different here in the Netherlands. People usually study for 4 – 5 years to get a master degree. They do not stop until bachelor degree and it seems like the obvious thing to do. Well, it is not for me.

As I am reaching towards the end of the second year, people begin to ask about my future plans. The truth is, I still don’t know. Right now there is a constant debate in my mind on what I should do after I got my bachelor. Continue on my master degree? Or look for a job?

Reflecting that I am studying in a Universiteit makes me want to pursue my education further. One thing to note, in the Netherlands there are two types of higher education: universiteit and hogeschool. In Groningen, there is Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Hanze Hogeschool. Universiteit focuses more on researches compared to hogeschool that this makes me think that it is better to study until master degree to get a deeper understanding for researches. If I went to hogeschool I would think differently since in hogeschool most people work after their bachelor graduation. In hogeschool you are also teached more practical things that it is more suitable to find a job afterwards.

So, for those of you who hasn’t known about this yet (like I was before I came here, luckily I didn’t regret entering universiteit), you can take this as a consideration. Which should you apply – universiteit or hogeschool, that matches your future plan? I know that in these times high school students especially Indonesian are busy looking for the next higher education to pursue. Groningen offers both universiteit and hogeschool with top – world quality!

Happy planning for your future!